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Together We Will Build a Better World

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Inspiring Hope At Home & Abroad
The AOJAH UnGala

While we maintain good social distancing, we will bring our  annual Un Gala to you in the comfort of your home via Zoom!

Fundraising OPEN Dates

Monday,  September 7th 2020


Saturday, November 7th 2020

Open dates for donations



November 7th 2020

6 – 8 pm PST

Can you make it?

Event Details


This event will be our first Virtual AOJAH Event and Fundraiser to allow us to continue to make a difference by:

  • Maintaining our local and Jamaican  high school & HEART scholarships for the underprivileged

  • Providing monthly lunches and medical & eye screenings to the homeless in skid row

  • Conducting our yearly medical, eye & education mission to Jamaica

  • Purchasing necessary equipment and supplies


We are excited to announce that Debra Ehrhardt will be our special guest performing an excerpt from “Cock Tales”, her solo production. She has received two NAACP Awards for Best Play and Best Actress. 


In addition, you will hear Rosemary Wilson, our songstress DIVA performs! Lastly, you will hear all the amazing things AOJAH and our volunteers are doing to make a difference.

If you cannot make it, please contribute and help make a difference.

Even a small community

can make a

big difference

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Donate & RSVP OR Donate Only
Donate / RSVP

Inspiring Hope At Home & Abroad - Our 2020 AOJAH UnGala

Our 2020 GOAL: $50,000


How will your Donation Make a Difference?

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Platinum Donor $1500

This will get ONE of the following:

  • Yearly Los Angeles local or Caribbean Scholarship for High School Student

  • Bili-Blankets for newborns to correct jaundice & prevent brain damage, seizures or death

  • Provide 250 hygiene care packages for medical mission

Gold Donor $1000

This will get ONE of the following:

  • Treat 91 people with diabetes or 82 people with hypertension for one year

  • Treat 43 people with glaucoma to prevent blindness for one year

  • Provide 200 lunches to the Homeless

Silver Donor $500

This will get ONE of the following:

  • Provide Hygiene products for 100 Homeless individuals

  • Cure 3000 children with intestinal worms

  • Provide 1 HEART Hospitality Program Scholarship in Jamaica

Bronze Donor $250

This will get ONE of the following:

  • 20 backpacks with supplies for students

  • Cure 500 people of different types of infections

  • Provide 50 hygiene care packages for medical mission

Copper Donor $100

This will get ONE of the following:​​

  • 10 feeding tubes for premature babies to weak to breastfeed

  • Provide 20 lunches to the Homeless

  • Provide 50 reading glasses

Steel Donor $50

This will get ONE of the following:​

  • Halogen Penlight to check the pupils of the eye & check for cataracts

  • 10 nebulizer kits for children with asthma

  • Provide 10 lunches to the homeless






Donations of $50 or more  will be invited to the Ungala (via Zoom)


Event Schedule - Forthcoming

Together We Will Build a Better Future

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Ready to Make a difference? RSVP Now 

Cannot make it? Still Donate

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Questions or comments? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP

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